Lets join forces

Hi there.

Metaverse Gun is a decentralised, open-sourced, interactive, digital twin of the real-world (CesiumJS), which connects to Unreal Engine 5.

Combined with decentralised, planet-wide, text, file, voice and video communication (Iris + GUN + Webtorrent) right from the start, at your command.

With just adding two snippets of Cesium code to Iris-Messenger :exploding_head:

And we already in the talks with the Iris devs, to switch Iris to Svelte or minimum Typescript and Markup seperated. (Which is Svelte :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:)

Look up the readme, which contains everything to know about Iris and Cesium.

Please note all the already green checkmarks, which is 99% achieved by the Iris devs already :partying_face: :exploding_head: ) what a great library to start to build an open-source metaverse, dont you think?

My offer to devs is, you just doing your thingy and contribute to cesium, iris, gun, webtorrent, and all the other p2p, security and privacy libs metaverse-gun uses, like always, but which arrives at metaverse-gun automatically.

But metaverse-gun is sure a platform, were we can get stuff from the lab, into practice, together. :partying_face:

A bit like dev hop on hop off, no strings attached.:sunglasses:

I found so many github repos, which if bootstrapped get you such awesome decentralization (not only) features. But they lay around, dust on them sometimes, single purposed, but waiting to be used.

Could you imagine something better than a cesium based metaverse as a playground for devs? I’m not :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much in advance (for contributing to your favorite libraries, as always) :wink::pray:

Hit me anytime you like!