Lighter Blue Oceans


Our clients is used to the lighter blue oceans that come with Google Earth tiles. It has been a challenge to get them to like the Bing tiles that have a much darker ocean. I tried playing with the brightness, gamma and other options in the sandcastle imagery adjustment demo. The only option that came close was the Bing tile with STK terrain when it has the day light on it. Would it be possible to adjust some configuration to get the day light look through out the globe?



Hello Tim,

Sorry, there isn’t an easy way to adjust the color of the imagery for just the water. The daylight effect is accomplished with a shader that is dependent on the sun position.


Thanks for looking into it…

You could look into making use of the Natural Earth imagery…

It’s a little involved since you’d need to create your own set of tiles, and it would not zoom in to a very high level of detail.

Thinking about it, you might try adding it as a transparent layer that displays in addition to your normal layers?

Here’s a screenshot showing NASA’s black marble (night lights), as well as the Natural Earth layer.

The javascript that is responsible for adding the black marble is this:

function displayNightLayer(){

nightLayer = myLayers.addImageryProvider(new Cesium.TileMapServiceImageryProvider({url : tileDirectory + 'MapTiler/dnb'}));
nightLayer.alpha = 0.25; // 0.0 is transparent.  1.0 is opaque.
nightLayer.brightness = 2.5; // > 1.0 increases brightness.  < 1.0 decreases.


That allows the night lights to show through.

You could try a proof of concept by getting a small (8192 px) single image of the whole globe, and adding that as a single image tile with the bing layer.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Brian, That sounds a bit more involved than what I was looking for. Hopefully our client will get used to the darker ocean colour.