Linux release and operation

Does cesium for unity support linux release and operation?

We don’t current distribute binaries for Linux, but you can build them yourself by following the Developer Setup instructions:

Is there a development plan for supporting the Linux platform

It’s not currently a high priority, as we’ve generally found Linux users are willing and able to build it themselves.

Publishing platforms for Windows and Linux, hoping to release tutorials for the Linux platform

Hello! Can the execution program of the Linux version of cesium for unity compile successfully in the Windows environment? Compile in Linux environment?

It’s probably possible to cross-compile it for Linux on a Windows machine, but I haven’t tried it. Is that what you’re asking?

Can compile successfully in the window environment, but does not display maps on Linux

We do not ship binaries for Linux. If you need to run on Linux, you need to build the plugin yourself by following the Developer Setup instructions linked above. Have you done that?