Load 3D Tile on Android 11

Hi, All

I have added CesiumJS to my Android App, and it can show Cesium3DTileset by loading tileset.json/pnts at assets of apk.
But I need to load the tileset.json file on external storage directory, how can I do it? It got ERR_ACCESS_DENIED error.



Welcome to the community! How exactly are you adding CesiumJS to your Android Application? Do you think that this is an app development issue or a Cesium data issue?

The error you are receiving, ERR_ACCESS_DENIED, indicates that you are trying to access Cesium 3D Tile data without the required permissions. If you are looking to tile and store your data locally, you can find more information about that here:

Generally, tiling and storing data locally is only recommended for very particular use cases.