Load 3DTiles to Actor Center(ACesium3DTileset)

how do i change the matrix making the 3dtileset base on Actor Center?
then i can load a simple 3dtiles json to show it ,and move it or rotate it.

now i just know how to load the tiles to center but i don’t know how to rotate it .and it may be wrong!

Hi @Moo_Chung,

I’m not 100% sure I understand correctly what you’re asking, but it sounds like you want a way to put a tileset at its true origin in the Unreal world. For example, if your 3D Tiles model has a vertex at position (0,0,0), you want that to be at the Unreal world origin rather than that the center of the Earth (which is likely millions of meters from the Unreal world origin).

If that’s right, it’s easy to achieve. You just need to add a second CesiumGeoreference Actor to your level and set its OriginPlacement property to TrueOrigin. Then set the Georeference property of your Cesium3DTileset to point to that CesiumGeoreference.


Thank you Kevin.
I try TrueOrigin but it seens still not i want .i want to load the 3dtiles to world original coordinate
when i reading 3dtiles, The pivot of Cesium3DTileset Actor can be in the center of the Primitive(so it may be need to use the bounds valume center), so I can move the model or rotate easly

Ok, so you want to properly georeference the tileset, but then you also want to origin of the tileset to be at the tileset’s origin, rather than at the georeference origin? Unfortunately that’s not possible, and I’m not sure offhand what it would take to implement it. As a workaround, you could probably use C++ or Blueprints to compute the georeference origin relative transform that is needed to achieve the tileset origin based transform that you’re after.

thank you Kevin.
no i just want to load a tiles simply like a 3d model, the pivot of loading Actor is in the center of bounds valume.
also it will keep the camera LOD control load and unload tiles
do you have any suggestion?