Loading a 3D Tileset (.slpk) causes ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to load a 3D Tileset, from an .slpk file (coming from ArcGIS), but I get an ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY error sooner or later. I’m using the following code to do so :

var tileset = await Cesium.I3SDataProvider.fromUrl(
    new Resource({
        url : "url",
    }), {
        geoidTiledTerrainProvider: geoidService, 
        cesium3dTilesetOptions : {
            skipLevelOfDetail : false,
            debugShowBoundingVolume : false,
            maximumScreenSpaceError : 32,
            maximumMemoryUsage : 32,
scene.primitives.add ( tileset )

The Tileset loads as expected, but after navigating for a while in the scene, the memory fills up and nothing can be loaded anymore (neither any tileset nor any imagery layer). At that point, the console fills up with ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY.
Same thing if I switch between several 3D tileset, it seems that the memory isn’t cleared correctly when removing a tileset, which I do as follows :
scene.primitives.remove ( tileset )

Do I need to clean some additionnal data ?

Even playing with the maximumMemoryUsage option doesn’t seem to prevent running out of memory.

I’ll appreciate any help. If my post isn’t clear enough, I’ll do my best to clarify any point.
Thank you for reading (and have a nice day :smile: )