Loading a 3dtile model crashed

When this file was loaded in unity’s log, it happened: Composite tile does not contain any loadable inner tiles.
The model itself is very simple, with two pieces and one map for each attachment
A crash has been intercepted by the crash handler. For call stack and other details, see the latest crash report generated in:
Curl error 6: Could not resolve host: cdp.cloud.unity3d.com

I want to know if it’s my conversion process
The crash reports are as follows:
Editor.zip (137.5 KB)

Are you able to load the tileset in CesiumJS? Try opening this Sandcastle and replacing one of the tileset URLs with your own.

Perhaps the cmpt tile only contains i3dm sub-tiles? i3dm is not currently supported by Cesium for Unity.

This can be opened.
Is there a model that does not support 3dmax modeling conversion? My model uses a mesh with a composite material (two material balls at the same time), is that the reason? I don’t know much about data structures, and I want to know if it’s the model itself or the transformation process

If it is possible to provide the model (or one of the cmpt files), that could be helpful for analyzing the problem.

@Marco13 @Kevin_Ring @janine
The problem seems to be my use of the conversion tool. After I converted again, there was no problem. I guess my colleague did not use GBK coding in the conversion process.

The next problem was that I found that the tileset files I converted were too large, one was 85m and one was 23m
The converted file has been attached. Thank you for your help to check how to use the original size.
obj’s original map size totaled less than 1M

11.zip (810.2 KB)

The cause of the operation crash should be a problem with the conversion process, which is no longer the case after the reconversion. There is also the problem of large stickers, which has also been solved, that is, when modeling the larger map Settings, although the compression processing jpg image file size is reduced, but the size and clarity have not changed