Loading bproblem after update to Cesium 1.16

After update Cesium to 1.16, my app cannot loading correctly. All tiles is crossed in center of the globe. If I remove terrain tiles load correct. But another computers loading correctly with terrain.


I have the same problem using Chrome under OS X. Firefox on OS X works correctly.

I use Windows 10. I try firefox, chrome and Ms edge, but the problem remains. :frowning:

This sounds like it could be a video card related issue, since it’s cross-platform and cross-browser. What are the exact versions of the browsers and OS this is happening on? What model video card? Are you using the AGI hosted assets.agi.com terrain?



Also, a common problem when upgrading releases is that you have old copies of Cesium in your cache. Can you try running incognito/private mode and see if that fixes the problem?

Thanks for replay, i used the last version of web browsers. My video cards are inside intel and external nvidia 840M with last update of drivers. Thanks again.

  1. Did you try clearing your cache as I suggested above?

  2. Does it happen in Sandcastle on cesiumjs.org too?

  3. Is there any output in the browser console window indicating a problem?

  4. You said you have an intel and an nvidia. Your browser is most likely using the intel chip for rendering, can you confirm this? What specific driver versions are you using and what is the specific model of the intel chip?

  5. Can you copy and past the output of http://webglreport.com/ for WebGL 1 from Chrome.


Yes i clear the cache, in Sandcastle have no problem like this, in the browser console don't have a problems, i switch graphics cards: same problem, for webGL info I will answer tomorrow because i'm in home but i check it and its was OK

Thanks again so much.

Thanks. It sounds like the issue is specific to your app? If that’s the case then it will be hard for us to help unless you can provide a link to the app or a Sandcastle example that also shows the problem.

For this time this application is only on localhost but i can copy the cesium initialisation code, to have a look

This seems to have resolved itself in my case. The problem had appeared related to the agi terrain tile server. Was there a change at agi’s end?

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