Loading multiple data points - cesium react

im working on a react app that displays coordinates

              position={Cartesian3.fromDegrees(-74.0707383, 40.7117244, 100)}
              point={{ pixelSize: 10 }}

how can i load more than one data point in the position attribute?

Well, your framework is a React one, which isn’t something I’ve used, nor is it supported here, so you’d have to look at the documentation for that framework for your answer. I guess it depends on how they’ve done it, that @position is a coord, while @positions is an array of coords. But I don’t know how the framework typeify the <Entity>, maybe there’s a @type or something? And I would expect it not to be <Entity>, but <Point> or <Polygon> or what the entity actually is? Unless they use sub-elements to denote what’s in the entity? Sorry, I don’t know this React framework you’re using, but I’m sure the answer is in their documentation.