Loading the cesium takes time upto 12 seconds

We are using cesium.js with angular for showing the live tracking of some devices on the map. There are other tabs to the application. We observed that in some scenario when we have a machine with 16gb of RAM without any external/integrated GPUs(in the Virtual Machines) when we switch from the Map tab to any other tab of the application and come back to the MAP tab it is taking round about 10 seconds. But when we used a machine with 32 GB of Ram with integrated GPU, the load time was less than 2 seconds. Do we need to have a machine with 32 GB of RAM and an integrated/external GPU? Please help

Hi there,

The resources require will likely depend on the features being used by your app. Would you mind telling us what kind of data you are loading (ie. 3D Tiles, GeoJSON/KML, or many dynamic entities)?

Thanks Gabby, for reaching out to me. I would like to explain our environment. First of all, we are using a floor map where we have showing the movement for around 2000 devices using icons, and we are getting the the position updates ever 10/20 milliseconds. So, we are painting and repainting the icons of these 2000 devices and showing their live location on the floor map. The problem is that whenever we move from this tab of the app where this live tracking of the devices to any other tab and again comeback to this tab it’s taking around 8-10 seconds to load the floor plan with position of these 2000 devices. And we have this observation on the machine with 32 GB RAM with an integrated GPU. Any immediate feedback would be appreciated

Would you mind telling us more about how you implemented these icons in CesiumJS?

For some context, this blog post goes into some best practices for rendering lots of positions at once.