Looking for Faster Way to Update Raster Overlay Image

I’m trying to implement a dynamic heatmap. A faster way to update raster overlay image would help me a lot.
I use an array including several points as dataset. Each point has global effect.
The dataset and algorithm basically decide that I can’t use MPC like mentioned in this issue. So I write a class inherited from RasterOverlay to paint the heatmap.
But the raster overlay refreshes much more slowly than I expect, with a moment of disappearance in the progress. The progress of refresh including remove the raster overlay and add a new one. Can we find a easier way like, just change some parameters of the raster overlay and trigger the reloading of image? Or is Raster Overlay designed to have a still, all-its-life image?


It’s currently set up to be static. It’s possible - but not simple - to change that.

If your refresh rate isn’t too high, a good trick is to use two raster overlays, a “current” and a “next”. The “next” overlay has an opacity of 0 so it’s not visible, but it loads. Once it’s sufficiently loaded, you set its opacity to 1, remove the old current, and make the next the current. Then repeat with a new next.