Manage Tokens in REST API

I notice that there is a comment about the ability to manage tokens via the REST API in the post:
How to secure ion account , however there is nothing yet in the documentation, which leads me to believe there is nothing implemented yet.

My scenario is that we have the one ION account and allow our customers to upload files KML Data/3D Tiles; we have this functionality via our web application and using the REST API and have used a naming convention to prefix the asset names with customer codes etc.
EG: ACME-myAsset.
My problem is that I want to be able to secure certain assets to particular access tokens. I realise I can do this manually however I do not want to have to manually update this every time a customer uploads a file. It would be great to be able to assign assets to tokens via the REST API.

Is this functionality available or possibly under development?
Or is there a better way to achieve the above?


Although we do have a ticket to track this feature, we don’t have a timeline for it at the moment. I don’t expect that we’ll be getting to it in the near term, unfortunately, and I also don’t have a good suggestion for how to achieve what you’ve described given the current capabilities of the REST API. If there are any updates on this, we’ll be sure to announce them.

Thank you for providing your use case, however. That helps us understand what users need from this feature, and I’ve added it to the feature tracker.


Hi @sunsworth,

I wanted to let you know that our Tokens API has been completed and is now live! Please see the API here: Ion REST API documentation – Cesium

We’ll be writing a blog post and tutorial about this as well, but we wanted to let you know now so you could start using it.

Thanks for the feature request. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


Hi @Matt_Boyd-Surka,

Since you refer to the Ion rest Api documentation, I have a question about deleting an assets :

Could you check it out please ? Is it possible and if yes how ?

Best regards

Hi @romza,

Moving forward, let’s discuss the rest API issue in that thread.


Hi Sam,
Thanks for the tip, it’s working when putting the asset id in the url parameter.

Hi @romza,

Yes of course - happy to help out!