Mapbox API down?

Has the MapboxImageryProvider stopped working? Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Streets Classic basemaps are no longer downloading tiles, even in the Cesium Sandcastle.



Hi Greg,

Thanks for reporting this.

The problem seems to be that the Mapbox access token that Cesium uses is now invalid – we’ll look into getting a new one. The token is not intended for extended use, and it’s possible that the quota for that token has been exceeded. When using the MapboxImageryProvider you can supply your own token from Mapbox. Using your own token will look like this:

// Mapbox tile provider
var mapbox = new Cesium.MapboxImageryProvider({
    mapId: 'mapbox.streets',
    accessToken: 'thisIsMyAccessToken'


Hi Greg,

Yes, Erik is correct. We supply a default API token to preview mapbox tiles, but we require users to generate their own API token for applications they’re going to put into production.

You can generate an access token from your account page:



Thanks Erik and Hannah, that makes sense, we’ll setup our own access token.