Mapping a texture to the entire globe

I’m looking to render a heatmap onto the Cesium globe and I still want the base layer visible underneath. Currently I’m using H3 to render a around 6 thousand hexagon entities onto the globe to get an approximation of my heatmap but I want to use about 50 times more granular data and I’m concerned about performance when rendering ~290,000 entities. (In fact, trying this crashes the browser tab)

I am considering rendering the heatmap as a global texture and applying it to the globe but I am concerned about distortions and projections. Are there any examples of rendering a texture to the entire Cesium globe? Is there maybe a good format to save my data in for use in a shader?

If your heatmap doesn’t need to dynamically change a lot, you could export it as a GeoTIFF and upload that to Cesium ion to tile it. This’ll be the most efficient, not matter how much detail you have, it’ll load more detail as you zoom in.

Actually, the heatmap is static but I generate a new one every couple of days.

I am looking for a self hosted solution ideally because it’s for a hobby but I am getting a lot of traffic.

I am using static hosting and currently just use the data I generate directly on my site. That’s why I’m looking for a format I can use to directly render or in a shader.