Match Point Cloud's position to Cesium coordinates


I’m trying to find an automated way to adjust Cesium’s Georeference in Unreal to match a point cloud’s coordinate data.

Ion gets accurate lat long from the point cloud and it can position the point cloud automatically on top of the satellite imagery:

And if I use the coordinates from Ion, and slightly adjusting the height to compensate for what I think is a different pivot position from the point cloud between Ion and Unreal , I can get everything to match fairly quickly:

My question then is, how does Ion gets that lat long coordinates from the point cloud file and is there a way to make that happen in Unreal through blueprints (so I don’t need to upload my cloud to Ion, since I can’t have it displayed that way inside Unreal).


Hello @JulianCrespi ,

Support for Ion point clouds might be coming soon, we have an open PR here, but there is no guess currently as to when that will be further worked on and completed.

In any case, the way to find the origin location of a point cloud dataset probably depends on the file type. If you are using .las/.laz, you can try using something like LAStools. I’m not too knowledgeable in this area, so if that doesn’t work for you let us know so someone can give you a better solution.

-Nithin Pranesh

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Hi Nithin,

thank you for your reply, LAStools worked perfectly,