Maximum Display Size - Performance and Capabilities

I am undertaking a research project in Cesium which is to be put up on a large display however I am unsure of the performance and capabilities Cesium has with such a display. Assuming the computer running it is capable, will I see any restrictions running across four-4k screens or six-2k screens?

I am yet to test these scenarios as I want to know if it is possible before purchasing.

Running on both Windows 10 64-bit and Ubuntu 18.04.01 LTS 64-bit through QT WebEngine 5.12. However, the focus of this question is on Cesium and not QT capabilities.

Much appreciated,

I think it’s definitely possible. I know Cesium has been used in several museum exhibits, here’s information about one on our demo page:

You can generally run any WebGL benchmark on your system, and if that performs well then CesiumJS will as well.

The other factor would of course be what you’re displaying, but generally large amounts of data are bottlenecked more by the network. Do you have any idea for what kind of data will be displayed in this application?

The application will be using locally stored flight data so if by network you mean streaming the data in, it won't be an issue. By the sounds of it there shouldn't be any restrictions. From what I have read, the most important resources to Cesium is RAM and GPU capabilities, is this correct?

Yes, I would say having a powerful GPU is the most important and will ensure the app runs smoothly. CesiumJS is also made to run in browsers/mobile devices so it should run well with a system with high capabilities like that.

This sounds like a pretty cool project, do you know when the display is expected to be up? It would be pretty awesome to feature it on our showcases page ( when it’s up.