Mercator EPSG:3857 projection

Are there plans to bring Mercator (EPSG:3857) projection into Unreal?


Hi @asaf.amit,

In what context do you need that projection? It’s already supported for raster overlays.


Hi Kevin,

We have use cases where we need a flat projection for positioning and displaying large/long meshes/actors that can be 100s of metres to kilometres long, that were modeled in a flat world.


Oh I see, you’re looking to render in the Web Mercator projection. If you happen to have a Cesium 3D Tileset where the coordinate values are in that projection, and your Unreal world uses the same projection, you should be able to render the tileset just by configuring the CesiumGeoreference Actor’s Origin Placement property to “True Origin”. But we don’t currently support - and are not likely to support in the near term - projecting other datasets like Cesium World Terrain to a flat world.