Mismatch between maperitive output to cesium locals


I’m having a mismatch data when generating tiles of a map in Maperitive. The Tiles won’t match to the ones that cesium is trying to load. I guess there

is some settings regarding the use of each one of the environments… any clue?


I’m not familiar with Maperitive (it looks pretty cool though) Which imagery provider are you trying to use to load the tiles? Are you using the correct tiling scheme? That’s usually the problem in these cases.


It was a problem with the scheme… when you try to convert an open area QSM map which is coded as Open street map. On a tile generation the first layer (layer o) contain only one picture which cesium cant generate as the first layer of cesium has to be built from two pictures in two folders (folder 0 -> image 0) and (folder 1 -> image 0). The amazing thing is that this layer isn’t active at all when the tiles are been generated from open area QSM map. I’ve just changed the 0 layer to a struct of two folders and two pictures as mentioned… and the creation was made for the all other layers.

Thanks any way…