Model jitter

In the cesium+three.js development process, through the three.js load obj model into the scene, when the mouse sliding model, the model jitter problems, why is this? I hope you can help, thank you

在 2017年6月5日星期一 UTC+8上午9:53:19,Junxiao Gao写道:

Hi Junxiao,

Can we have more details? How are you loading the model? Post a screen capture of the behavior if possible.


  • Rachel

The jitter is an issue with Three.js because of it’s handling of very large coordinate values, which results in loss of precision. This is a common problem in geospatial engines and one of the things Cesium does really well that most renderers never need to worry about. See this old blog post from Patrick when he was writing the Virtual Globe Book

I don’t know enough about Three to know if it’s solvable without modifying Three source itself, but it definitely need to be fixed on the Three.js side of your integration. Unless someone else chimes in, you may have to ask for help on a more three-related forum.

Also, keep an eye on, which has some discussion regarding three integraiton.