Mouse leave event not appears after touch on cesium viewer

Hi guys!

I have cesium viewer on my page and one small icon (div) with two event handlers: 'click' and 'mouseleave'.
- by click (touch) on this icon I'm showing small menu;
- when cursor leave this menu (on mouseleave), I hide it.

When I'm opening this app on iPad, 'mouseleave' event not appears when I'm touching Cesium viewer, but it works when I'm touching any other element on my page. I think it because of Cesium using preventDefault() in it mouse\touch event handlers.

Can you help me resolve this issue?

Thank in advance!

Hey there,

I don’t think is Cesium specific, but rather that the mouseleave and other mouse movement events aren’t always supported on all touch devices.



Hi Gabby

The thing is that I have a lot of other elements on my page (like div, img, label etc.) and when I touch any other element on page 'muoseleave' event appears, but when touch is inside viewer it doesn't appears!


I still wouldn’t recommend using it for a touch device even outside of the scope of Cesium. The ‘mouseleave’ event has different behaviors across desktop and mobile in different browsers. I’d implement separate touch logic with touch events.