Multiview Demo

I remember at one point that there was a demo in the Sandcastle that showed how to create multiview using Cesium. For instance, a large, full screen view of the globe and then a small tag-along view in a corner or something. Is that still possible with Cesium? Is that demo still available somewhere?

We used to have an example that had a split screen with 3D window on top and a 2D window on the bottom. The reason it was removed is because it requires too much data duplication and is not the right way to do it for “real” multi-scene support. For example, if you load a GeoJSON or CZML file, you would have to load it twice (once in each scene). We didn’t want to lead users down a bad path and decided to take it out until official multi-scene support is added.

That all being said, I have a simple Sandcastle example that does this. You can grab it here:

Awesome. Just what I was looking for. Yeah i understand that it would require loading the datasource twice but for my purposes, the data will be streaming anyway so it would just be that I capture it coming in and send it to both. The second view will also be something I toggle on and off when I need it.

Your example also pointed out something else to me that I wanted.. how to deal with the animation widget and timeline programmatically. I figured there was a way to do it, I just hadn't gotten there yet.

Thanks for the help.