Natural earth data cesium and geocoder offline.

Where can i get natural earth high resolution data, i tried with the link mentioned in this page.But its not found.I want to run offline so i need this data.

How to use geocoder offline.I know it uses API.Is there any other way i can get geocoder work offline.

It looks like that repository no longer exists. I’m not aware of where a higher resolution version of it might be.

For a geocoder, CesiumJS does use an open source geocoder, Pelias. It looks like there is a way to install and setup a copy of it yourself, there’s some instructions for that here:

Thanks for the reply Omar.
Do u have any knowledge where can i get very high resolution world tiff data.I tried in this site worldtiff. But it was not of that good resolution.I want a tiff with resolution similar to cesium base map.

One of our goals at Cesium is to make this kind of data more accessible - which is what ion attempts to do by tiling and curating these global datasets. The Bing imagery can’t be made available offline due to the terms of license, but you can buy a license to an offline version of the Sentinel 2 hosted on ion:

If you do find any better data sources I’d be curious to see it (and I’m sure the community would appreciate it too!)