Network Visualization showing data 'flight lines' between two points on the globe

Hi there,

I would like to use CESIUM to build a data visualization showing computer data moving between two points on the globe over a period of time. (1-2K transactions per day).

The flight line should reflect data packets transmitted between a number of source points expressed in (Long, Lat) to a destination point B expressed in (Long, Lat).

As this is purely a visualisation the trajectory does not need to be accurate but simply eye candy to show how theis is a lot of traffic at specific times of the day and quieter at other times.

This should be a relatively simple visualization in comparison to some of the more complex space / military application that it have seen in the video tutorials and i am hoping that this has been

done before …

The goal would be to build something attractive such as this from NATS

In my case the flightpath of the data is only a straight line if viewed on a flat earth projection but i would like show the data against the global background - rising into the atmosphere and

landing at its destination point and be abe to zoom into a country select a specific flight-line and see the attributes of the transmitted data

So i am looking for some pointers to see if this has been done before (and which route is recommended CZML or the API… based on my limited understanding)

I had a look through but I did’nt see any videos that match this scenario on VIMEO.

Kind regards

Finian Rogers

I believe you could create entities for your “connections” and then have it use the PolyLineCollection to create the desired path between your nodes.

For the texture effects you can apply a texture(s) to each of the entities that can give you the desired “network traffic” esthetic. You could also layer the textures so you can have different base colors and toggle the alpha values on the “network traffic” layer to make the base color slightly visible.

I think in general Divvy has done something at least somewhat similar.