Node Transformation is stopping model animation

Hello Team members,

I’m applying transformation on a model node. Model’s node has its own animation. I want to apply transformation without effecting its own animation.

I have tried translation using model.nodeTransformations Property and ModelNode.matrix also.

Both are working fine and model node is translating. But animation of that particular node is getting stopped.

Here is the reference sandcastle link.

I have applied translation on right propeller of the aircraft. It’s rotation is getting stopped after applied translation.

How to do node transformations without effecting node animation?

Is it possible or not?

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Hi @Jacky,

I took some time to review your community forum post and your sandcastle demo. While your implementation looks fine to me, I’d like to learn more about why you would like to translate your model. Are you simply trying to update the position of the model over time?

It’s possible that you have uncovered a bug in the CesiumJS API. I recommend writing up a GitHub issue here:

Looking forward to learning more!


@sam.rothstein It’s the project requirement, where model nodes have their inbuilt animations like rotation on a loop and I need to translate those node without effecting their animations. I’m trying to update the model node position over time while model itself is also spinning over time.

For example: A wheel model which is rotating by its inbuilt animation properties. I want to translate that wheel. But it’s rotation getting stopped when I apply translation on it.

However, I can apply translation to the parent Node. But few models have single node.

On your suggestion, I’ve raised an issue on github.

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Hi @Jacky,

Thank you for writing up the GitHub issue - I am happy to see that the discussion on GitHub brought some more clarity to this matter.