Normals, anyone?

Do normals not work with cesium tilesets?

The center platform is a regular box asset with a ground material mapped onto it. You can see the normals working nicely to punch up the detail.

The surrounding geometry is a tileset of the earth terrain (asset #1) - I replaced the raster overlay with the same material, and I do not seem get any sort of normal response at all.

Has anyone been able to get normal maps to work with cesium tiles? Am I missing a little checkbox somewhere that I need to flip?.

I can’t think of any reason that a custom material with a normal map wouldn’t work when attached to a Cesium3DTileset. Can you share your material? Maybe something will jump out at me.

I’ll package something up and shoot it over!

Just to close the loop on this, the problem turned out to be that the tileset did not include tangents, and these are necessary for the normal mapping to work correctly. The solution is to enable the Cesium → Rendering → Always Include Tangents property on the Cesium3DTileset.