Not authorized and URL Loading Connection failed issue

I use UE5.3 &Cesium For Unreal 2.3. My problem is Cesium login in UE is Not authorized! Can’t get in, But it can authorized in unity 2022.3.13f1& Cesium For Unity 1.6.4. Besides, When i Add tileset.json URL in Cesium3DTileset Actor in UE, it will log “Loading tileset from URL xxx.tileset done”, then log “LogHttp: Warning: 00000596AC090A00: request failed, libcurl error: 35 (SSL connect error)” and "LogCesium: Error: [2024-03-05 15:42:54.317] [error] [TilesetContentManager.cpp:749] An unexpected error occurred when loading tile: Connection failed.":point_right:

But at the same time i can load the model succeefully use the same URL in Unity👉

Could this be due to my network issues? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!:coffee:

Hi @tornado-dragon ,

Can you load any of the Cesium-for-Unreal samples?

Do they work fine or do you see the same network error?

hi Brian_Langevin, sorry for the late reply, after a few day the model can be load online in my project, i guess maybe the issue of network. thank you for your reply :coffee:

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