Npm package build

Hi All;

I tried to contact Matt as npm package author but maybe someone else can also help.

I am using Cesium with jspm. So far with some quirks it was working fine. However with Cesium 1.33, jspm started complain about ThirdParty/pako_inflate on GoogleEnterpriseServerMetadata module. In order to debug the problem I built cesium from git repo, and after replacing the build with jspm package, I realized if I configure format as "global" it is working without pako_inflate error. (with npm package before 1.33, I did not need to state format of the package, cjs format of package was ok).

So it seems like my problem is caused by npm package's build. I compared the version in npm package, and the one I built, and npm version do not look identical.

The way I build from git is using "gulp release". I hope there is a similar gulp task for npm.

Does anyone know where I can see the build configuration for npm package? There seems like one define is missing some place for npm package build to work with jspm, but as I can not reproduce similar build I can not debug it.

Baris Cicek

Hi Baris,

The easiest way to build the tarball is to run ‘npm run release’ then ‘npm package’. It’s possible that you’re running into this bug: which has already been addressed by and will be in the May 1st release.

If that doesn’t work, give us a bit more detail and we’ll try to help you debug.

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel