Npm run build-ts fails

With a fresh clone of cesiumjs from 51307b2630ed3c74d41d03ed82ef0332a72f16b0,
I do the following:
npm install
npm run build-ts

the typescript types build fails with a lot of errors like this:
[TSD-JSDoc] InspectorShared.js:146:0 Failed to find parent of doclet ‘InspectorShared.createButton’ using memberof ‘InspectorShared’, this is likely due to invalid JSDoc.

Any Suggestions?

Hi @Ernest_May, welcome to the community!

This is a known issue with our typescript build script. See Update or remove ts-jsdoc · Issue #10455 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub.

However, I believe the messages you are seeing are just warnings. The type definition file located at Source/Cesium.d.ts should still have been generated correctly.

Let us know if the ouput type definitions are causing problems for you.

@jjhembd, Thank you for the help. You are correct, I found the Cesium.d.ts file, so all the errors are actually just warnings.