Object Layers in Cesium


I am looking for a way to integrate 3D city models into Cesium. So far I managed to set up a demo project with custom elevation data and imagery using Python scripts I found in this forum. The scripts had to be tweaked a bit so that high resolution 32 bit GeoTIFFs in local map projection could be processed and converted into your specific terrain format.
Anyway, what’s missing now is 3D buildings that i would like to be streamed from the server just like you do with the terrain. I have a CityGML data set which could be converted to 3DS or COLLADA. Basically I want to stream any detailed textured 3D object layer. On the feature page I see that on the high level scene API supports Polygon primitives and extrusions. I found some forum entries about converting CityGML to KML, which could be a starter, but pure KML is actually not what I want since it is basically 2,5D. Suporting KMZ files containing COLLADA or X3D or 3DS would be a great feature in Cesium. Perhaps by converting KMZ into your custom CZML format.
Is there a Provider class for consuming 3D objects I can work with already?

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Hi Arne,

You’ll most likely want to use glTF models, which are like COLLADA but streamlined for deployment and rendering on the web. This feature is still in progress but it hasn’t stopped people from using it.

See https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cesium-dev/soK05NfUuM8

Just a heads up that the latest work that is in-sync with the open-source COLLADA converter is now in the gltf-dev3 branch. This will probably be merged into the main gltf branch this week, but use gltf-dev3 in the meantime.



The gltf-dev3 branch is now merged into the gltf branch, so the gltf branch is now in-sync with the open-source COLLADA-to-glTF converter.