Support regarding 3D tiles and GLTF model

I am new to Cesium. Can someone please help me by answering these questions?

  • How to implement LOD or HLOD on 3D tiles?

  • If we are loading GLTF directly then how to inspecting of individual mesh inside a GLTF model using cesium.js?

  • How to add custom features data in 3D tiles?

  • Is there and change in 3D mesh structure after converting into 3D tiles?

Thanks in Advance.

Welcome to the Cesium community @sandip! What kind of application are you working on?

If you upload your glTF model to Cesium ion it’ll be tiled into 3D Tiles, with levels of detailed created automatically. See: Cesium ion doesn’t currently supporting adding custom data to parts of the mesh for generic 3D models.

Thanks for quick reply.

We are working on IOT based Smart City application where I need to load whole city model with district, building, floor, room etc.

For loading 3D model on map we are looking for some framework and I found that Cesium can help here.

What software are you using to export the city model?

If you have it as CityGML or KML/COLLADA, you can upload that with per-feature properties, see