optimizing a very large map

Hi all,

**I’m looking for advice on optimizing Cesium Ion data streaming for a very large Cesium map (here’s the live example): **https://static-backpacker.s3.amazonaws.com/2020/The+River/app/index.html

All we’re using Ion for is Cesium World Terrain – we’re pulling the imagery in from a non-Cesium source and aren’t hosting any files on Ion – and I’d like to keep our use under the 150 GB/month limit for a commercial account if at all possible. We were using Maptiler when we launched two days ago, but we were chewing through data very fast (3.5M requests in two days, which works out to about $155 in charges, from roughly 11K map loads) and I was hoping I’d be able to do a little better with Ion.

Any thoughts? I don’t know if there’s much I can do with the resolution or SSE, giving that we’re just using the terrain tiles, but I’m open to ideas. Would be willing to cut or restrict some features, but the savings would have to be substantial.