Orientation of model when using VelocityOrientationProperty

I found a model of a car for sketchup that i exported to .day and converted with the KhronosGroup/glTF command line tool to gltf.

I then added it like this.

entity.model = new Cesium.ModelGraphics({

uri: “/Seat Ibiza.bgltf”


entity.orientation = new Cesium.VelocityOrientationProperty(entity.position);

But the car is being positioned orthogonal to the driving path (90degree angle along the path), and I wonder if I need to change the model or I can change this with some properties in above code?

When I use the Top,Left,Right,Back,Front views in sketchup, then the car is shown according to the expected view. front means looking at the front of car ect.

Forgot to update this, but I found out how to turn the model by setting a new orientation based on heading.

entity.orientation = Cesium.Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion(currentPos, heading+Math.PI, 0, 0);