Overexposure of buildings in Cesium for Unreal (UE 5.3)


In my 3D city model with Cesium for Unreal, it is noticeable that the buildings are very strongly illuminated by the sun and appear white when overexposed and are very dark in the shadows on the other side of the building.

On the one hand, the exposure can be switched to completely without light with the Scale = 1 in the CesiumGeoreference Tile. Otherwise I use the current date and the midday time in CesiumSunSky. Here the Scale at Transform is also = 1. and is set to Scale = 5,… turns orange at dusk.

Which settings should be adjusted for overexposure?

Many thanks in advance.

I would suggest adjusting Unreal’s exposure settings, rather than changing anything in Cesium for Unreal.

The documentation is here: