Scene is washed out Solid white after enabling auto exposure

Followed the directions and enabled the Extend default luminance range in Auto Exposure settings

I do know the scene is there because removing it and using basic lighting does reveal it if not very well.

I would appreciate some trouble shooting steps on this

Hi @HungryRobotics ,

That’s strange, that usually seems to happen only when Extend default luminance… is disabled. If for some reason enabling the that option doesn’t fix it, you may be able to reduce the Lux intensity of the CesiumSunSky by going to it’s directional light. This will bring the light intensity down into the normal range instead of dynamically expanding the luminance range.

I’ve run into this when using an older pawn blueprints that don’t have auto exposure turned on. Suggest checking the view camera on your pawn to make sure your view camera is auto exposing.

I’ve reproduced this when migrating a project from a previous version into 4.26.x
No matter what I tried the scene was always washed out. If you selected Unlit you could see the tiles but Lit just white.

I recommend starting with a fresh 4.26.x project, get cesium setup, and then migrate in your older content.