Package Erro With Unity HDRP

when i package My Project with cesium-unity plugin source Code, using Unity URP pipline performance great , I can view in Editor and package Sucess, but using HDRP pipline case some bugs , view in Editor is normal, after packaging, its show not good ![image|690x339](upload://li3B6kgiqbiIILbmPIlaDVvDVxC.jpeg) it seems tilesets shader is not suitable for Unity HDRP Pipeline

I expect HDRP to work. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t when packaged. Your image is broken, though, so I can’t actually see what the error or symptom is.

Yes, as you can see in the picture, it is like this after I packaged it into .exe. When performing operations, the screen will display the results as shown in the picture.

Your picture upload didn’t work. There is no picture to see. Please upload it again.

thanks for your replay, this is my pic

Strange, I don’t know what would cause that. What sort of device is that picture from? Can you try the Cesium for Unity Samples project, convert it to HDRP, and see if you have the same problem there?

Thanks for your reply again, :grinning: I pakaged It On PC,and My plugin is 1.3.1 it seem s to be not having same erro on V1.3.2, I will do it on 1.3.2 again :smiley:

Hi, when i set CesiumUnlitShader to Terrain( or tileset ), and packeged, it seems to be good !Perhaps there are some settings for the Defaultmaterial that are not very good, causing some machines to fail packaging :upside_down_face: