Packaged Application Crashing

The packaged application is crashing. I t seems like it crashes after loading tiles. Here is the last lines of the crash log:

[2023.11.23-11.42.18:001][943]LogCesium: Warning: [2023-11-23 08:42:18.001] [warning] [TilesetContentManager.cpp:417] Tile has a bounding volume that does not include all of its content, so culling and raster overlays may be incorrect:

[2023.11.23-11.42.24:150][107]LogCesium: Loading tileset from URL

[2023.11.23-11.42.24:150][107]LogCesium: Loading tileset from URL

Hi @MichelNO,

We’ll need more information in order to troubleshoot this issue.

  • What versions of Unreal Engine and Cesium for Unreal are you using?
  • What data are you using? Is it your own data?
    • From what you pasted, it looks like you’re using Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles. What location are you viewing? Do you experience a crash if you stream Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles through Cesium ion instead?
  • What else is in your scene? Can you please include a screenshot of your world outliner?

Ji @janine we tried UE 5.2 and 5.3 with Cesium 2.0.
We are using Google 3D tiles.
Aint teste Google Photorealistic tiles because we are visualizing the city of São Paulo- Brazil.
Here is a shot of our building wich is nested in a clipped area of Google Tiles.

To contextualize better, we were getting the GE tiles disappearing after some running time. The workaround was to set through bluebrint a Google Earth refresh tiles after a determined time.
After we implemented this solution the application started to close without any warning after refreshing but not at every refreshing. It is happenning 3 times a day.

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Do you have a call stack for the crash?

@Kevin_Ring yes I have it!
Any thought on this?

Can you post your crash callstack here please?