Performance with 10's of thousands of entities

First, thank you for open sourcing this excellent framework. It is allowing us to do things that would be near impossible in GE.

I see a similar problem has been addressed earlier in the forums, but was hoping to gain some insight on the issue.

Our problem set includes displaying up to 50,000 entities that are updated at intervals ranging from 100ms to several hours. When the camera distance is large we hide the details of the entity and show a single point. When the viewer is zoomed in we show a more detailed view of the entity including a label, billboard icon, path, and a line to to the entity’s children.

Performance on a laptop with a K3100 GPU is sluggish when I increase the number of entities above 10,000.

We send a bounding box to the server requesting updates only in the camera’s current FOV. **Is there an efficient way to remove all of the entities in a collection that are not in the current view? **Or another sane strategy to handle a huge number of dynamic entities.




Sorry, we don’t currently have a way to determine whether or not an entity is in the current view

Ultimately, the solution for displaying large datasets like this is 3D Tiles. We’re currently working on implementing 3D tiles rendering on a branch in Cesium. Take a look at this forum post for more information:



3D tiles does seem like the perfect solution to this problem, as well as some others we have in our road map. However it does not look the the current spec has any temporal dimension to it. Thanks for your hard work on the project, Cesium is setting a new standard for GIS visualization.