Best Approach to use CesiumJS for Multiple updates of entities at high frequency

Hi all,

I am using CesiumJS to visualize some moving entities (large scale e.g. 1000 entities) in both 2D (represented by billboard icon) and 3D (represented by 3D gltf Model - low res).

The position of each entity are updated via incoming messages (socket io) at a frequency of 1 update per second.

Each time a position update is received, the entity position will be updated.

I realized that the visualization rendering gets laggy and unresponsive as the entity counts increases or when the frequency of updates increases. (jugging by the FPS meter within Ceisum).

What should the best approach for using cesium for the scenario above?
e.g. Process the update every Tick()? / using definitionChanged event for each entity?

Thanks all in advance for any advice / assistance

How are you updating your entities? Are you using a CallbackProperty like in this Sandcastle: ?

Are your entities clamped to terrain? How many of them are in view at any given moment? I think you should be able to get this number of entities moving in the scene with callback properties without any special considerations but it depends on exactly what you’re trying to do.

Hi Omar,

Thanks for the reply.
I am using CallbackProperty for other time based animation to update attributes of certain entity.

However, I am currently updating my entities position via message handlers upon receiving positional updates messages of each respective entity at a update frequency of 1 update per second.
I am actually experiencing sluggish performance on the on map when I have a load of 50 entities. My target is to hit 1000 entities if possible.

then again I might still try the CallbackProperty approach to update my entities position.

Will update again once I tried it out with this new implementation.