Personal Assets not showing in movie rendering

While rendering a simple sequence with a cine camera actor, my custom assets, being a terrain and a texture on the top, are invisible.
The default terrain and texture (I use a cartographic polygon to hide it in the center of my scene) are shown correctly.
Is there something that I’m missing maybe regarding the tokens ?

Can you share a screenshot or video of what you mean?

There’s some recent discussion about difficulties with sequence rendering here:

Maybe the conclusion in that thread will help you, too. Or it may be that you’re having a different problem entirely.

Thanks for the link to the other discussion. I did read trough it already. I had already applied the recommendations but anway, i think the problem is different, because the tiles are not loading at all. I’ve zero problem in editor mode, and also zero problem with default cesium assets in both editor and with movie sequences (so zero problem at all with default cesium assets).
I would love to share useful screen shots, but on the given problem in the viewport, there is just nothing to see.
I’ve tried to check if the problem came from the imagery asset textured over the terrain or from the terrain model. For that i removed the imagery and try with no texture, and with a homogeneous texture color. Nothing was visible in anycase. So it comes either from the terrain or from both terrain and imagery texture. I use a cartographic polygon to hide the cesium-terrain from the area where i’ve my high-resolution terrain asset.
I will produce a video as soon as possible to illustrate the problem if it can help

Example of viewport with custom terrain loaded

Example of frame rendered with Movie Render Queue

Example of movie rendered with Movie Scene Capture

After a day of nightmare and a quick try, there is a workaround, or just a solution.
I’ve added the cartographic polygon to the custom asset and toggle ‘invert selection’ and it does the job.