Plane Tracker Tutorial Speed?

Hello. I’ve completed the Plane Tracker tutorial, but as mentioned in it, the speed is constant.
I currently just modified the tracker to work with raw flightradar24 .csv files (which contain speed information) and I want to use it, but I am not sure on how to implement it.

Hello @Radu_Bitere,

You’re probably going to need to change the blueprint so that it recalculates the Play Rate at every spline point. I’m not sure what formula you’ll need to make this work, but this thread might be a useful read. That thread discusses the same method of using the Timeline’s play rate to drive an object’s speed.
You’ll probably want to get the total spline length and divide it by your desired speed. Make sure your data is using the metric system - if it’s not you’ll want to convert it to line up with Unreal Units.

If you’re able to get this working, please share your solution!