Playback video using timeline

Hi I have an mp4 video that I am adding to my web app using video.js. Is it possible to somehow link this video file to the timeline so that I can view the video that was recorded at a specific time?


Thank you for providing some preliminary details. :grinning:

Could you please share some more information on your use case? Are you trying to view the video in the CesiumJS viewer? Are you to integrate the video into the Cesium World Terrain? Is your goal to use the Cesium timeline to scroll through the video?

For now, I would recommend checking out the following two resources (if you haven’t already):

This sandcastle demo showcases how to integrate mp4 files into the Cesium Viewer.

It is currently the only mp4 related demo that we have online. Here is the documentation for the Timeline object.

It looks like the functionality for Timeline is somewhat limited. For instance, I do not see a variable that allows you to access the current time.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am curious to hear your overall thoughts.


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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your prompt response.

So the ultimate desired use case would be a live video stream being displayed and recorded in my Cesium web app. The operator could then use the timeline to rewind the video to see what happened an hour before. I would then go one step further and also record a track position of a platform such as a drone so that I can see where the drone was in the world when that video was recorded. We’re currently integrating video.js as I thought this would offer more functionality, but correct me if using this will cause issues.

What I currently have, are some MP4 files from an unmanned vehicle and a CSV file that shows its position/orientation for a given time. It would be good to try and get these loaded and time synched into cesium somehow so I can replay them.

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@sam.rothstein my app will need the video player to accept a few input types like HLS, YouTube URL, and MP4. As I mentioned, we started by trying to use video.js. Can Video.js be used with the “VideoSynchronizer”? If no, can the Cesium Video player also do HLS, YouTube and Mp4 files?

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Thank you for sharing some more details on your project. The project you are working on seems amazing! I will try to support you as much as possible as you continue development.

I do not have a lot of experience working with video.js. I looked through their website and their specifications. It seems like a great library to use for this application. It looks like you can post on their GitHub page if you have questions.

I also looked through the Cesium community forum. Sadly, I did not see any other users working with video.js & CesiumJS. What part of the implementation process are you currently on? Looking forward to learning more :grinning: