Video over lay in cesium

I am new to cesium and this might be something that is not fitted inside cesium, but wanted to give the question a chance.

I have a video that have been clipped up in individual frames. (maybe thats a bad idea, but i can convert this to any format that makes most sense for solving the problem).

For each frame I have a gps position, i provide this as a linestring feature from backend in geojson.

What I would like to do, and hoping that someone here might have a few good pointers on if its a good idea or i should do it outside cesium in a div side by side.

I was thinking that I would like to use the playback control (buttom of screen in cesium map) to show the active frame and let use see the playback. My question is if anyone have seen an example of something similar?

Is it possible to show the video/frames inside the map as a overlay in some way.

If not, do someone know a video player that could be used in div side by side that could be used to link with the time control in cesium.

Hi Poul,

In case you haven’t seen them you should check out…

Using HTML5 video in Greg Beatty’s Powder Tracks…

Alternatively Doarama is an example of synchronised YouTube playback in a separate div…



I saw the blob post and tried the demo, but it was not performing that well and the branch on github seemed dead, so just assumed it was a no go.

Will check the doarama and see if I can make something work with that.