Plot path import kml file

Brand new to the world in cesium js

Hello everyone , I am trying to delve into the world of cesium . And in particular I would like to plot the complete path of a uav , with the possibility always to move in the path , something like that :

But with the path fully loaded , and the ability to move the drone back and forth in time in this path .
My dataset , is a kml file that contains a line type Linestring , generated with python (simplekml) with simply data like :
On sandcastle I have not found anything specific , could someone point me to a link or tutorial to delve into this topic .
Thank you very much !

Hi there,

I think a good place to start would be the Entity tutorial. Under the hood, when you load a KML file, the pieces are loaded as Entities. You can remove them, manipulate them, or add more entities based on the loaded data.

After that, the Interpolation example might have some relevant parts.