Point cloud intensity values are not normalized

I am trying to apply styling to a point cloud based model based on the ‘Intensity’ value. According to your documentation the “Intensity values are normalized between 0-255”. However, that doesn’t seem to be happing in my test cases. I cannot inspect the point intensity values at runtime via JS as they are only available in GPU memory. I’m also not able to ‘read’ the .pnts file(s) to see what they actually contain. I have inspected the intensity values in the source las file and can confirm that they are in the range of 0-65535. The easiest way I can infer that the values have not been normalized into the range 0-255 is to apply a style with the following condition;

show: “${Intensity} > 50000”

This causes most of the points to be hidden, and only a few remain showing.

An example asset where you should be able to replicate this problem is asset id 684537.

Further to the above, I would actually prefer that the intensity values are not normalized. This will cause issues when displaying multiple adjacent point cloud tilesets at the same time in the viewer. Given the values would be normalized within the context of a single tileset, an intensity value of say 200, would not indicate the same intensity across multiple tilesets.