Style using the Intensity attribute

I would like to stye the 3d tiles using classification and intensity. However when I inspect my 3d tiles (created with the Ion CLI) I can see that only the classification is listed under _styleableShaderAttributes.

When I try and style using the Intensity attribute I get an error "An error occurred during rendering, rendering has stoped" = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileStyle({
  show: '${Intensity} > 14'

When I created the 3d tiles I did not use any special flags. Is there something I need to do to get intensity values into the 3d tiles?

I am using Cesium-1.54

Cheers, Ben

Hey Ben,

The point cloud tiler does automatically grab the Classification and Intensity (case sensitive) properties from the LAS/LAZ files. The only reason I can imagine this would be missing is if it’s not in the original files. Can you confirm whether or not it’s there? If it still doesn’t work, perhaps you could provide a sample to debug?

We figured it out, turns out the LIDAR data we were using has 8-bit intensity with a dynamic range between 0 to 255, it worked when we scaled up the intensity.

Cheers, Ben