Point coloring is broken - point is either black or red, and nothing else

I’ve set up some code to change the color of a point when it’s clicked on (thus selected). I won’t cover the specific code that enables the change on click, but I will show the code that’s changing the colour:

if (entityClicked) {
    viewer.selectedEntity.point.color = Color.WHITE

This is what the entity looks like before clicking.


But when it’s clicked, it goes red instead of white:


The code used when making the point in the first place looks like:

const point = viewer.entities.add({
            name: "ExampleName",
            id: "ExampleName",
            position : worldPosition, ///Example position
            point : {
                color : Color.BLACK,
                pixelSize : 10,
                heightReference : HeightReference.RELATIVE_TO_GROUND
            ellipse : {
                semiMinorAxis : 5000.0,
                semiMajorAxis : 5000.0,
                material : Color.YELLOWGREEN.withAlpha(0.3)

What could be causing this to happen? This happens regardless of the color of the ellipse.

Update on this - setting the point color change to Color.Green or Color.Blue is broken too, as the point remains black! Similarly, setting it to Yellow makes it go red as well.

This might be more indicative of a larger issue - points defined with color: Color.WHITE when created also appear red in Cesium, meaning that color system for points could be broken.