Point vs billboard in one entity = BUG or?

Hi all, I work in project whu use CesiumJS & I see this strange flow work -
If I want use “rich” entity - I see ONLY point (but deformed) without billboard in one Entity. Also - Point always overdraw billboard image - BUT used size from billboard settings. As I understand - this happens in the optimization thread - it looks like the data in the sprite is being overwritten
If I hide point - all works:
My fast solution - use parent Entity and add several different childrens - entity with point, with billboard & etc

link to sandcastle

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Welcome to the community! Thank you for bringing this question to us :grinning: :rocket:

I am not sure if you have found a bug. I am going to take some time to review our documentation and see if it clarifies this issue. Is there any part of the docs that you found particularly confusing? In the short term, I am glad to see that you found a workaround. If other community members have similar questions, I will refer them to this thread.


Thanks for the answer.
It sometimes looks like a mistake. Even the workaround that we use - sometimes leads to strange, difficult-to-repeat results - the size of points can be different for the same entities when working with entities visibility layers.
Unfortunately I cannot attach a screenshot due to the work agreement, and repeating this in a sandbox is not so easy - it is still about 90% excluded in our workaround.
Therefore, in the sandbox, I wrote the usual code that seems logical to me and we had it in the first version, when this behavior was common. If use point, billboard and label are often incompatible in the same entity. Although they are fields of one object.
I would be glad to read your thoughts on this matter.

Hi there,

It’s really hard to know what you mean by “mistake” and “strange, difficult-to-repeat results” without any screenshots, code or a way to demonstrate the problem. Also, is your Sandcastle your “solution” or attempt at the problem? You mentioned that your workaround (which I assume is the Sandcastle solution) sometimes also have strange issues, so maybe start there and tell us what to do see these strange issues?




Thank you for the follow-up! Quickly commenting to add a +1 to all of your points. @dihand it is difficult to debug issues that are “strange” or “difficult-to-repeat” - more details would be helpful.


thanks for the clarification - the sandbox code displays the problem with the standard solution. If you use dots and billboards.
Our workaround is to use 2 entities.
1 entities for the billboard & second for the point and as parent for positions & show controls.
We also use a height map. Perhaps this also affects something. I will try to take screenshots of the random size rendering from the sandbox, for a more accessible understanding.
However, even in the sandbox, you can see that the billboards do not work, although they are indicated in the code - only dots with the wrong size are displayed - they acquire the size of billboards.