Points never rendered in Cesium 1.19 Sandcastle demo

Testing with Cesium 1.19 Sandcastle in this workstation configuration

  • NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440, 256MB GPU, Driver 260.19.44

  • Linux x86_64 RHEL

  • Firefox 17.0.7

  • Dual monitors, each with 128MB GPU

When pulling up the “Points” demo from Sandcastle, the points never render.

Initially, we thought it was something that our application was doing but we took a sample CZML that had points and associated labels and modified one of the CZML demos from Sandcastle to load its content - the labels are rendered but no points. There were no errors/exceptions from the console. In the above workstation configuration running our application, all other geometries are visualized without any problems. Some of the geometries that our application builds are pretty complex and it is surprising that a single point cannot be rendered.

We also tested the above configuration with a different driver (295.59) and different Firefox version (31.5), and the results are the same - no points. We also took out the additional monitor to use the full 256MB GPU on a single monitor but the results are also the same - no points.

Has anyone encountered something similar? Maybe with other entity types, GPU, etc?

Thank you.


I haven’t seen this issue before. Does the example work in Chrome?

If you recently upgraded your version of Cesium, try clearing your cache. That sometimes causes weird side effects.

My immediate suspicion is that the problem is related to your version of Firefox being so outdated, but you said the same thing happens with a newer version so I’m not sure. I’m running Firefox 45 and it works fine.

It’s possible it’s a Linux specific problem too.



A couple of other things.

The latest driver for the NVS 440 is 334.21 from 2014.3.3.

The NVS 440 is not really designed for 3D, but rather “business graphics” (per NVIDIA’s website), which might not be helping.


Thank you for the follow ups. We mitigated this issue by using a CZML label with a text value of ‘o’ (or whatever we want) for a point whenever the workstation is not designed for 3D.