Polyline coming through on the other side of the globe

Hi Hannah,
Here is Sandcastle code and a tiny KML file that demonstrates the problem I described this morning. The Sandcastle code is set up for drag-and-drop KML. The KML file consists of one point in Louisiana, and two line segments, one just off Texas and the other near the Sunda Strait in Asia. The Point and one line segment are very closely on the other side of the other on the globe.

The sample code has coordinate tracking at the cursor, and also add the name of any element/object found near the cursor. By moving the mouse north-south a little off Galveston bay you will see that the name of the “SUND - ECAP” element appears. I have commented out my fix code that checks if the object is actually on the other side of the globe.

Hope you can verify.

Best regards


TEST_small.KML (932 Bytes)

TEST_small.js (3.22 KB)

Great, thanks for sending this over Kjell! I was able to reproduce this. I added a trimmed down version of the code example and the KML file to the GitHub issue.
Definitely a peculiar issue. We’ll try to take a look at it soon.