Polylines in 2D Render Incorrectly

This is happening with very long LOS (i.e. HEO to LEO) access. geo2LeoAccess.czml (3.0 KB)

I’ve tested the attached czml snippet in cesium sandcastle (v1.72).

Here’s a Sandcastle reproducing it. It also looks like beyond a certain height the line is clipped in 2D.

Thanks for the Sandcastle link. Another observation; if you increase the distance of the far point by an order of magnitude it tends to clip the line by another 50%. If you decrease by an order of magnitude it seems to render as expected. Let me know if you require additional information. Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Do you think this is a cesium rendering bug or is there a different approach I should use?

My best guess is that it is a rendering bug. Can you open an issue to report this on GitHub (https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium) with your observations and link to this forum thread?


Thanks Omar.

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